For more information on scheduling a live group workshop or seminar, online or in person, email FreeRangeNation @ gmail . com

FREE, 15 minutes

  • Primal Prosperity: Unleash Yourself
  • Stuffocating: Peak Stuff and the Pursuit of Less
  • Escape Cubicle CaptivityLocation Independence and Autonomy While Keeping Your Day Job

Deep Dive Workshops, 2+ hours

  • Clear the Chaos: Declutter Body, Mind and Soul to Become Fearless, Focused and Fail-proof
  • Start Something that Matters: Start, Market and Grow your Microbusiness for Under $100
  • Sustainable Real Estate Investing: Make $1,000 per hour and a Better World

Deep Dive Workshops are intensive, interactive sessions that leverage the dynamics of a group setting, with plenty of time for Q&A specific to your unique situation. The goal of each workshop is to immerse yourself in the activities and gain feedback to come out of the session with a draft business plan or plan of action in hand to start taking specific steps toward living a life of freedom. $100 per workshop, split between up to 10 participants. Free email follow up for 30 days.


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