From Cubicle to Coffin

“I would rather picture myself in a coffin, than a cubicle.” – Scientist from the novel “Zoo”

While most of us wouldn’t go that far to prefer a coffin over a cubicle, a cubicle dwelling life can certainly feel like prison, or a slow death of our souls.

Are you stuck in a cubicle? What can you do to escape cubicle captivity?


Finding Freedom

“Why do you stay in prison, when the world is wide open?” – Rumi

We keep ourselves in a variety of prisons.

Money prison

Career prison

Debt prison

Relationship prison

And the prison of societal expectations and living your life for others

What is holding you captive? How can you unleash yourself?


Living Outside the Box

Richard Branson has been quoted as saying: “You never have to think outside the box, if you refuse to let anyone put you in a box.”

Do you feel stuck in a box?

If so, what or who is keeping you in a box… Debt? Clutter? Location? Fear? Security? Conforming to societal expectations?

What is your escape plan? Or not?



Make a Life, Not Just a Living

At FREE RANGE NATION we believe in autonomy and authenticity. Living life with passion and purpose. Stepping outside of the bounds of societal trappings. Facing our fears. Releasing limiting attachments, both physically and emotionally.

What’s holding you back?

For more information, check out our workshops and our manifesto. For inspiration, check out these anecdotes. And sometimes you just need a few D.U.M.B. goals.

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